The Creation of The Piorumis Daily Edit

A Novel by Wilfred Otto Edit

There was once an event that was both great and horrible. In some eyes, it was the greatest thing to every go down in Arctus history. In others, it was a dreadful day that caused the death of many. That event being, the final encounter of Tormentus. For those whom do not know already, Tormentus was the oldest herald, and last herald alive. He cursed people into dreadful Vampires and Werewolves, tearing families apart. He's been hunting for 400 years just to keep his sanity and stay alive. In the final encounter, many Piorumis soldiers marched to their death for the 7th time. Eva Arcana among them. After the event Eva went to become a lieutenant in the Piorumis military. Though I was not among them, I felt the impacts greatly. It was celebrated that the Last Herald was dead. One of the biggest impacts was an idea. I had the idea of making a organization or company. This company would bring people together with News. People would learn about the events going on outside their small secluded area. I would make The Piroumis Daily. A News company bent on providing people non-biased news. Soon enough, I had created The Piorumis Daily. I got some good friends to help along, too. Anthony Hecron and Claudette Ivington. It's been two years since the Last Herald died. In 481 AGD my business is thriving with Security, Reporters, and Journalists. Though, a new threat has come into the horizon. Jack The Ripper.He sent me a handy little death threat;

"Hello to whomever reads this,

I must admit, I do like the nickname you’ve given me. But I am going through quite the struggle. The Wagner Movement sent a search party after me, haha, but they won’t get far. I know their every move. I intend to rip more and kill more Wagner officials soon. Rudolf Bergen better have a good security team, haha, because I’m coming for him.

Oh and the head of the newspaper, Wilfred Otto? He’ll be next!

See you soon,

-Jack the Ripper"

A few days after receiving the letter, He payed me a nice visit. He threatened that if I had not published every letter predeceasing this, he would murder my family and I and burn everything I loved. More drama, news, and events are probably soon to be published from The Piorumis Daily.

© The Piroumis Daily, 481 AGD.